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If you or your client needs a specific site for casino content in Finnish, Swedish, German or English – this can be created, maintained and updated with montly maintenance fees. Please contact Carnival News by email to if this is something of an interest.

SEO Friendly sites

We will all the sites with mobility first, so with responsive design. Responsive design allows your website to adapt to whatever device a user is using. Whether they access your site on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, they will get the version of your website that is best for their device.

Content Creation

Content creation is an integral part of your website. When you create content, you help drive traffic to your site and get leads to engage on your site. Not only does it help establish yourself as an authority in your field, but it also helps you target valuable keywords to drive interested leads to your page. We create content daily and update our sites regularly.

Creating an SEO-friendly website today

If you want to drive more traffic online for your business, you must create an SEO-friendly website. When your site is friendly to search engines, you’ll appear in more relevant search results and boost traffic on your website. SEO takes time to implement and show results, so you will need to spend time planning your SEO strategy. This is what we can provide to you.

What we do?

  • Conduc a keyword research, selecting the right keywords and topics, and using them in appropriate places on the page
  • Use title tags, header tags, image alt tags, and the meta description tag correctly
  • Creatie a URL structure that is optimized for users and search engines
  • Create an internal link structure, navigation, and information architecture that helps the search engines crawl the website effectively and efficiently
  • Creating great content weekly that can be used to earn inbound links during off-page optimization strategies
  • Use multiple types of content such as images, videos, lists, and text
  • Create a responsive website design that provides a great experience across devices
  • Design a website that is visually appealing

SEO Web Design Services Done Correctly

When SEO is done correctly and built into the web design process, SEO services will add value to Your main website experience by making the themed website search-engine friendly, a better user experience,  and considerably helping businesses achieve their online marketing goals.

If you need help creating an SEO-friendly professional website design, redesign, or a complete overhaul, please reach out.

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In 2021, the global esports industry was valued at more than 1 billion US Dollars. That’s a nearly 50% increase from the year before in 2020. The eSports industry across the globe is forecasted to grow to more than 1.64 billion dollars by 2024.

Global awareness of esports is growing, and fast. In 2019, global awareness of eSports was 1.8 billion, and that number is only rising. In 2021, the global esports industry was valued at more than 1 billion US Dollars. That’s a nearly 50% increase from the year before in 2020


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